You may already be aware that the new data protection laws came into force on 25thMay 2018.

This means all EU companies have an obligation to advise individuals what personal data is currently collected, processed and stored.

What GPDR means to Elite Beauty Academy

We are required to protect personal data, this is data that can identify an individual by address,date of birth, e mail and phone numbers. This includes data held on computer or within a manual filing system.

Information collected by Elite Beauty Academy

  • Name, address, contact details, date of birth and gender
  • Details of previous qualifications, skills, experience and qualifications
  • Information of your nationality (if registered for a VTCT course)


How do we collect this information

  • Application forms online and hardcopy
  • By e mail and telephone


How do we store data

  • On confidential computer files
  • With completed portfolios until checked by IV and EV (they are then returned to the student)


Why do we need this data

  • To allow us to register you with VTCT, unless you are completing an accredited course
  • To enter into a contract with you and meet legal obligations
  • For certification purposes (full name only)


Who has access to your data

  • The owner of Elite Beauty Academy
  • VTCT (if registering with them) including Internal and External Verifiers


Our commitment to your privacy

We recognise the importance of protecting personal and confidential information and we take care to meet our legal requirements.


How the law protects you

Your privacy is protected by the law which says we can only use your information if we have aproper reason to do so.


Your rights

As a data subject you have a number of rights

  • Access to your data on request
  • Require Elite Beauty Academy to change any errors in the data
  • Require Elite Beauty Academy to delete data when requested


How long will we hold information

We will hold yourinformation for up to 7 years for the following purposes

  • To respond to questions or complaints
  • To show we treated you fairly
  • To maintain records for legal and business purposes

Please inform us if your data needs deleting or updating.

If you contact us we will need to verify your identity to safeguard against criminal activity including access to your personal information. If you are unable to validate your identity we may ask you to provide further evidence to enable us to access your information.

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, processing of information  or you wish to make a complaint on how we handle your information, please e mail

Many thanks for reading this update, please do not hesitate to contact Elite Beauty Academy if you have any further questions regarding the new regulation.


Wendy Jessop